10 Content Marketing Strategies to Avoid

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is identifying and delivering information on your product and/or service to specific target audiences. This should be in an entertaining manner to keep your visitors engaged.

The aim is to give visitors valuable information that will help them with a problem or goal. It is not meant to be a sales pitch. Instead, it is meant to make the target audience feel valued. You want them to feel they are getting usable information or services from your website.

Many companies only do the minimum they can to manipulate people into visiting their websites. Below are some things you should avoid when planning your content marketing strategies:

  1. Avoid creating your website without a goal in mind
  2. Think about the following questions. What is your website supposed to accomplish? What do you want your customers to think of your website? Are you interested in return visits or just interested in immediate sales? Knowing your goal can help with the basis for your website design.

  3. Avoid creating a website just to create a website
  4. If you do not have anything to ultimately offer a potential consumer then there is no point in setting up a website.

  5. Not having anything to offer.
  6. The idea of your website is to convince your site visitors that they need what you have to offer. It is important that you have something to offer whether that is your own product or somebody else’s.

  7. Avoid posting content on article directories for backlinks
  8. Google updates have now blacklisted many article directories. It can therefore be harmful to publish on article directories.

    It is best to try to find highly ranked blogs that are in your niche. Contact the blog owners and ask if they accept guest blog posts. If they do, then write engaging blog posts or hire a professional freelance writer to do it for you. This is a good way to gain relevant backlinks.

  9. Avoid blogging to sell
  10. Blog posts that are just about trying to sell don’t fool anybody. If you want people to read your posts then you must write actual content that is valuable. Encourage your audience to discuss and share.

  11. Avoid being solely facts based.
  12. Even people who love facts will bore with posts that are just facts. It is important to know how those facts fit into their everyday lives by telling a story.

  13. Don’t avoid new technology
  14. If you are unable to use new technology then don’t just avoid it. Infographics, video, audio and images added to a website can dramatically increase your hits and your success.

    Instead, if you do not know how to deal with a new technology you could hire someone to do it. Alternatively, you could ask someone to show you or watch a video on how to use it. Your customers will enjoy the experience more if you move with the times. This will result in new customers being drawn to your site.

  15. Avoid only posting and marketing content on your website or blog
  16. Utilise other social marketing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and similar sites. These posts on social media platforms will bring organic traffic and, naturally, more potential customers.

    Ensure you have share buttons under each of your posts so your readers and visitors can easily spread them virally.

  17. Avoid overuse of SEO
  18. Content that is written solely for search engines is easy to spot and will not read very well. It is, however, important to optimize your content for search engines in order to attract the right kind of audience.

    While overusing keywords in your content and over-optimizing will prove harmful to both search engine marketing and content marketing, as your readers can tell the difference between well-written and engaging content and content written solely for the search engines.

  19. Avoid reusing published content
  20. Don’t use content that has been published somewhere else. Duplicated content will not do your site any good. Each of your posts should be original, fresh and helpful.

In summary

People’s requirements change over time. At the moment they like succinct information that helps them overcome their problem. By incorporating various technologies into your content marketing, such as infographics and video, will help to capture the attention of your audience. Ensure your content marketing is for your audience and not for a search engine!

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