10 Social Media Marketing Trends

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2017)

Social Media Marketing
Current social media marketing trends are that fans and followers are becoming more demanding. They are requesting more interaction, better content, and quicker responses in return for their loyalty. Below are 10 social media marketing trends that can help you to grow your social media audience.

1. Personalizing your brand

Brands are focusing more on establishing a personal relationship with their fans and followers. They are dropping the formal tone and trying to become a part of their followers’ daily lives.

2. Focusing on quality rather than quantity

It is easy to post as many Facebook updates or tweets a day as you like but this doesn’t mean you have to. It is best to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. The quality will attract more likes and shares.

3. Utilising charismatic employees

To make connections on social sites more personal utilise likeable company employee’s that people will react to. It is better than an anonymous poster bearing the company logo.

4. Running contests

Social Media Trends - Contests
Social Media Trends – Contests

Contests are a great way to attract new fans and followers. It also helps with consolidating your relationship with existing customers, and to promote your best products.

5. Scheduling content in advance

By scheduling content when customers are most active you should have more reactions. Facebook business pages seem to get most activity between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

6. Social Media Interaction

Engaging with your fans and followers on their social media pages as well will establish stronger ties with them. They will then be more likely to return to your profile and interact with your posts. 80% of customers prefer to connect with brands on Facebook.

7. Social Media customer support

I have started using social media to ask questions about products and services. It tends to be a quicker response as more and more brands focus on their social media platforms. Studies have shown that as little as seven negative comments on your social page will make a customer form an unfavorable opinion of your brand. 47% of social media users seek customer service through companies’ social pages.

8. Being transparent

Admitting to your mistakes is important. Nobody wants to deal with people who make excuses. More brands apologized for their mistakes through their social media profiles in 2012 than in any year before. I like to see bad reviews responded to and how they will try to put it right. It shows that their customers are important to them.

9. Going mobile

Social media marketing trends - mobile
Social media marketing trends – mobile

Social media marketing trends mean more people now log in to social sites through smartphones and tablets than personal computers. It is therefore important for marketers to optimize their profiles for mobile devices, create mobile ads, and offer mobile-only offers, discounts, and contests. Facebook has hundreds of millions of active mobile users every month.

10. Live Streaming

Live Streaming has seen a massive increase during 2017. Both large brands and small businesses have realised the power of live streaming. I have noticed an increase on YouTube and Facebook. I am sure it is a social media marketing trend that will continue to rise in 2018.


In Summary

It is inevitable that social media is going to keep growing. As social sites grow, fans and followers will demand more and more social interaction from the brands they follow. Marketers who are wise enough to follow the social media marketing trends above will give their audience what it wants. In return they will get great rewards such as likes, shares, follows, traffic, and purchases.

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