About Farewell Shackles

Welcome to my blog! I’m a mum of one girl and have worked from home for the past 11 years since she was born.

I started this blog to help other people desperate to release the shackles and work from home.

Whether that is as a Virtual Assistant, which is what I first started out as. Or as an audio transcriptionist which is the type of work I am doing most at the moment.

You will find software tips, information on what jobs are out there and equipment to use to get the job done.

The flexibility of working from home is great but I have to say it has not been plain sailing. So saying that, this blog will often highlight the pros and cons of work from home jobs.

I also work part-time (home based job) so am not self-employed full time.

In addition, I sell books, games and jigsaws on Amazon (not sure for how much longer due to increasing costs) and do Internet Marketing so I am never bored.

This site is aimed to help you to work from home. Whether you want to write or do audio transcription we will investigate the opportunities that are available. There are so many out there nowadays than when I first started out.

Good luck with your endeavour to say farewell to the shackles.