About Me

In 2007 I had my first child. I was working as a contractor and the contract was going to finish before my maternity leave. I had been reading about the role of a Virtual Assistant and felt that this was something I could do from home.

It proved to be very difficult as I was minding a child and trying to fit work in around it. I set up a website as I had some technical knowledge and went to networking events. Networking regularly did result in some work but I found it hard as I am not the most outgoing of people. Also, people had not heard of the term Virtual Assistant 10 years ago. It is more widely known about now.

I also work part time so am not doing it full time which I enjoy as there is so much variety. I also sell on Amazon and do Internet Marketing so I am never bored. My problem is that I have not stuck with one thing and feel if I had I would have been more successful.

As you see from the above I tell it like it is. I am not going to say it is easy to work from home but the benefits of being with my family make it worthwhile.

This site is aimed to help you to work from home. Whether you want to write or do audio transcription we will investigate the opportunities that are available. There are so many out there nowadays than when I first started out.

Good luck with your endeavour to say farewell to the shackles.