How can I work from home?

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

It is possible to work from home as a freelancer starting with very little equipment.

The equipment you require you may already own. Obviously it all depends on what service you want to provide from home what equipment you need.

Equipment Required to Work from Home

The minimum would be:
Home Laptop

PC or laptop

You will most probably already have a PC or laptop. If you are planning go out to customers a lightweight laptop with a long battery life is advisable.

Broadband Connection

You will need a reliable broadband connection so you can email clients and receive work.


You will need a telephone for clients to contact you. Whether that is a mobile or landline or both is a decision you need to make.

Backup storage or system

It is important to backup files that you are working on. You can backup files online and there are so many offering free storage such as OneDrive and Dropbox.

To offer other services from home you may require:

Home Printer


You don’t have to spend a lot for a good printer. What you need to consider is what type of printer you want. One important consideration for a printer is the price of the ink cartridges or the toner for a laser printer. You can buy a really good printer for less than $100.

Check out Amazon for some great Printer Bargains


It is advisable to shred your clients’ confidential business documents and I consider a shredder a must for your business.

Software Packages

For services such as typing, Excel, audio transcription Microsoft Office will be required to perform these tasks.

If you can’t afford Microsoft Office a free alternative is Open Office. There will be a learning curve getting to grips with the software. There is the ability to save the documents into a Word format.

If you want to provide audio transcription services check out equipment required to provide audio typing services.

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