How to Find Profitable Games to Make Money

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2018)

1. Choose Quick Selling Board Games

Selling Board Games
Choose games that sell quickly if you are using FBA. The change in the long-term Amazon storage charges means that you want your games to sell within 6 months. If they don’t then you will have to pay to have them sent back to you. Check out this list of fast moving board games.

2. Ensure there is a copy of the board game instructions

Sometimes you will find a game without instructions. You can’t sell a game on Amazon without the instructions. However, you can print out the instructions and state in the description that they are not the original instructions.

I have scanned instructions of games I have sold so that if I do get a copy of the game again and it doesn’t have them then I can print them out.

I have never had a customer complain about this.

3. Check the board games before buying

This is not always possible but try to check that the games are complete. For a game with many bits and pieces this can be quite difficult.

4. Sell parts on eBay

Okay, so you’ve bought a game that isn’t complete what can you do? You can either keep it for spare parts or you can sell the parts on eBay.

5. Buy parts from eBay

You’ve bought a game but it is incomplete and you decide you really want to sell your game what can you do?

Check eBay for the part. If there are none available then set up an alert on eBay.

There are also some Facebook groups that are specifically around game pieces such as which I am presuming is mostly US based sellers.

6. Split boxes

The corners quite often split on game boxes. These are actually extremely easy to repair and I have done so with many boxes. I tend to actually say in the description that they have been mended. It is entirely up to you if you want to disclose this as it is a second-hand game after all. There are videos on YouTube for this.

7. Broken boards

Now this one I have only done once. It was a kids game and you quite often find with the kid’s games that the boards are broken. I did what I felt was a really good repair on a board. I did also state in the description that it was mended and I actually put a photo. Just be aware that people don’t always read the description fully and they may not be happy with a repaired board.

8. Check the clay and replace if needed

Play Doh for Selling Board GamesI have sold quite a few copies of different versions of Cranium over the years. I would say there has only been 1 or 2 occasions where the clay has been okay to use.

I have read that it is possible to revive the clay with hot water. I have tried this on a number of occasions and it hasn’t worked for me.

I have therefore replaced the clay with Play-Doh and have mentioned it in the description. I have never had a problem with that.

9. Battery units

Some people advise not to buy games with units that require batteries. I DON’T advise this as I have very rarely had a problem with a battery unit. Some games such as University Challenge, Monopoly banking sell for a decent amount of money and the units have always been working.

10. Batteries

If you are supplying batteries for the game do not leave them in the unit when you send the game into the Amazon warehouse. They could potentially corrode in that time and the unit could be damaged. Leave them separate to the unit and there should not be a problem.

I personally like to include batteries (even if they are cheap ones) just so the customer can start enjoying the game straight away.

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