How to Make Money Selling Board Games on Amazon

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

As I have mentioned I started selling on Amazon in 2013. I started off selling books and then moved on to make money selling board games.

When I started selling on Amazon I was totally oblivious that second hand board games were being sold on Amazon.

I actually found it hard to believe that people purchased them. I was a bit wary at first thinking that I would be left with all these games.

Surprisingly they sold – some slower than others.

Where to Source Used Board Games

1. Charity shops (UK) or Thrift Stores (US)

Thrift Store - Selling Board Games


I have mostly sourced my board games from charity shops. It can be difficult to find quality board games and sometimes they are way overpriced.

My ideal price for a standard used board game is £1.99-£2.99. Obviously the more expensive it is on Amazon then I will pay a bit more. You need to get to know what the board game will sell for.

For a sealed game it might be worth spending a little bit more.

I generally put a sealed game as Like New. This is because quite often there are some small rips in the cellophane.

On deciding whether to buy a sealed game I check out the packaging. If there are rips in the cellophane I check how many listings of the used game there are. I would put the game on for a higher price than a Very Good used game and if there are too many listings it could be ignored.

I have gained knowledge of selling board games on Amazon and know which have lot of parts in. Unless the profit is going to be large I will not purchase a board game with a lot of tiny small parts that need to be counted.

When selling board games they need to be complete. Quite often they are not complete when purchased from charity shops. If possible check them before buying.

Any incomplete board games I generally keep for spares.

2. Preloved items sites

You can purchase board games from sites such as Gumtree, Preloved and Shpock. Craigslist is another site that is popular in the US.

3. Car Boot Sales

Carboot sale - Selling Board Games


Second hand board games can be found at car boot sales. At car boot sales you can also source other items to sell on Amazon. Such items I have sourced from car boot sales have included boxed DVD sets, jigsaws and books.

4. Garage Sales

Garage sales are not seen very often in the UK but if you’re visiting other parts of the country you can come across them. Garage sales are more popular in the US.

5. Facebook Groups

We have a local group for selling items. It is worth joining some local groups to see what people are selling. There are other groups that are for buying and selling and you can add a post to say you want to buy board games.

6. Ebay

It is worth checking out Ebay for listings that are not well listed. In this instance you may be able to pick up a bargain and then send it into Amazon to make a profit.

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Have you had any success selling on Amazon? Please share your experiences below.

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