How to Make Money Blogging – 4 Easy Options

Having set up your blog how do you make money blogging?

Do you want to make little extra cash from your blog?

Do you have ambitions of being a professional blogger?

Read on to find out how to monetize your blog:

Make Money Blogging

The good news is that there are a range of different methods you can make money blogging. Here are some of the most popular.

#1 - Make Money Blogging with Advertising

Most blogging novices start with advertising to make money. That's simply because it’s easy to set up.

It also takes little in the way of maintenance.

If you have a WordPress site you can simply install a widget to do the job for you.

Other options are to use ad networks like Google AdSense.

Basically, these are programs that can be installed on your webpage and which automatically populate sections of your content with relevant advertisements.

If someone comes on your site to read your content and clicks on the ad link you get paid a certain amount by the advertiser.

Adsense to make money blogging

The ads use various programs to tailor content depending on what you have on your page.

For example, if your blog is about technology, you may find ads for smartphones or computers coming up.

If you have a site aimed at healthcare you could find medical products being highlighted. 

The big benefit of this method of monetization of your blog is that it’s easy to set up.

The downside is you need a good deal of traffic to make any sort of meaningful profit. 

I have made some money using this method but not very much due to low traffic.

#2 - Make Money Blogging using Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products and if someone buys via your link you will receive some kind of compensation for the recommendation. 

​There are many companies that offer affiliate schemes where you sign up to promote a particular product.

An example may be a company that provides bedding – they give you a specially coded link and they pay you for every click that converts into a sale.

Affiliate Marketing - Make Money Blogging

Companies like Amazon have large affiliate operations which anyone can join.

The trick here is to find an affiliate that matches up with your blog content. 

The trick here is to find an affiliate that matches up with your blog content. 

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

The upside of Affiliate Marketing is that if you get it right, it can deliver a lot more revenue. 

You can also benefit from writing specific marketing content for the product and linking inside this as well as including banner ads.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

The downside is that many affiliate companies will vet you first and won’t take you on if you either don’t meet their brand values or don’t have a popular enough blog site. 

That’s why many pro bloggers come to affiliate marketing once they have a bit more experience under their belt. It can be highly lucrative if you get it right.

#3 - Make Money Blogging by Selling your Services

While you can use your blog to get passive income through affiliate or ad marketing, you can also use it to sell services that you provide.

For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can use it to promote your blog writing skills. Alternatively, if you offer a consultancy service you can use it to develop your reputation and standing in the community.

Selling Services - Make Money Blogging

All this can lead to higher levels of revenue.

#4 - Make Money Blogging by Selling your Own Products

As well as selling services, you can also use a blog to promote your own products. 

This often happens when a blogger combines their site with an e-commerce store or cottage industry.

The difference with both selling products and services is that this is a more active process – you have to provide the end result rather than just obtaining passive income.

The upside is that it can be a lot more profitable, particularly as your reputation improves.

My Website Failures

As I've already mentioned in another post I have set up some websites and abandoned them.

One was which was about software for Virtual Assistants which in the end was too narrow of a niche. In hindsight I should have set up a site around Virtual Assistants. I have started to move those articles over to this site. This site may be too broad of a subject - time will tell!

Another site I had was around fixed gear bikes which I feel could be worth going back it. I got some good affiliate sales from this site. I had only about 10 articles on it. I also pulled together reviews of bikes from information pulled from the sites that were selling the bikes. I believe it needed more articles but had potential.

I then tried a theme that was designed to pull in Amazon products to the site. It was all around kids toys that had wheels, bikes, scooter etc. Unfortunately, the theme I used was very buggy and didn't work. I think I need to investigate if there are any better themes out there that do this. It was a paid theme as well so it was very disappointing.

The Key to Success

With any blog, the key for success is great content, regularly posted.

I met a lady through networking who set up her website as a result of there being a lack of information of activities to do locally when her children were growing up. It has developed into a great website. It has a lot of traffic and she receives revenue through advertising and google adsense. It is regularly updated and she uses social media effectively.

I think keeping your information up-to-date and posting regularly is what brings people to your site, keeps them engaged and also makes them come back.

But, if you want to make money from your blog, it’s actually a numbers game. You need a large amount of traffic coming through on a daily basis. This is especially true if you want to use advertising and affiliate marketing.

Successful bloggers who make money blogging from their sites generally look at multiple different ways to monetise.

That can include producing eBooks to sell, creating memberships for premier content as well as posting ads or engaging with affiliate networks.

If you are a newbie and want to find out how to start a blog then check out this article.

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2018)

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