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(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

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My internet marketing journey first started in 2009 when I came across Rosalind Gardner who was making a lot of money from her blogs. I purchased her very long book on internet marketing and read it excitedly.

She had her own blog about internet marketing, a travel blog and a dating blog as far as I can remember.

I found it amazing that you could make money from blogging.

I set up a blog but without any real thought about it. It was aimed at helping Virtual Assistants with software they needed and I also created a WordPress course. I had been a Virtual Assistant since having my daughter in 2007 and had picked up some valuable information.

I hadn’t really given the name much thought and set up Not very memorable at all.

It got a fair bit of traffic at first but then I got tied up in my business and it was just left.

Basically, all I earned was a small amount from Google advertising.

I gave away a free eBook and so was capturing email addresses but found it really difficult to write the follow up emails.

Unfortunately, the subject was too restrictive. I have since set up this site which is a broader subject but may be more difficult to get traffic to. However, a broader subject will help with being able to write more articles.

Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Course

In 2009 I signed up for Alex’s program which cost $497. This was a lot of money for me.

The course advised that you set up a website that had your own name as the domain name. I actually wasn’t comfortable having a website with my name (I’m quite a private person!). It was a blog that focused on Internet Marketing.

I ended up deleting it. I really wish I had have stuck with it as internet marketing is a really hot subject. I should have transferred the articles I had written onto another site.

On the upside I did actually get some work from this program setting up another internet marketer’s website.

Matt Carter’s Training Course

I then signed up for a program by Matt Carter which was all around reviewing products. I set up a blog that was about fixed gear bikes. Quite a good niche subject.

My husband is really into bikes and wrote some articles for me.

I then reviewed a number of bikes basically using information on the sites that I was promoting i.e. Evans and Wiggle. I did actually get quite a few affiliate sales.

The problem with this site was that the bikes became unavailable quite quickly. It meant that product reviews were needed on a regular basis. I found this type of site to be very time consuming.

I am certainly going to revisit it in the future and add more articles on it.

Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum is a very genuine person to follow. He has a number of training programs. I have purchased his Silent Sales Machine book and have received his emails for a number of years.

He also has a training program for selling on Amazon. It would definitely be worth you signing up to his email list.

Mark Ling – Affilorama

This was my last Internet Marketing training course purchase. I bought it in 2015 and it was the most expensive. Rightly so, as it included a set of follow up emails for each subject that you chose. I really struggled with writing emails so I thought it was really worth it for the follow-up emails.

It has a number of topics for you to choose from that are subjects that people spend money on. It also gives you ideas for article content.

I am still working with this program and this site is a product of this course. I plan to persevere with this site until it makes some decent money!

In summary

As you can see I have purchased a large number of Internet Marketing training courses and books. I am sure I haven’t listed them all. I am yet to make my money back but am determined to do that soon. #

As I may have mentioned once or twice you need to stick with it. Only too often I gave up or work took me away from my goal. If I do get work in I am still trying to create articles either myself or by outsourcing them each week.

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