How to Pass an Audio Typing Test Like a Pro and Get Hired

When applying for a job as a freelance transcriber you may need to do an audio typing test.

This can involve testing your spelling, grammar, hearing ability and accuracy.

It is important that you are aware of what transcription companies are looking for.

Audio Typing Test

1. Audio Typing Speed

A transcription company may specify the typing speed required.  If not, they will ask what your typing speed is on the application.

The minimum typing speed requirement is generally around the 60wpm mark. Although some transcription companies hiring do ask for 70wpm.

Sterling Transcription asks for you to do a typing test at and to submit your test results to them when applying.

Don’t worry if you are not yet at this speed as there are plenty of typing practice sites around. 

2. Listening Skills during Audio Typing Test

This is extremely important because what you believe you hear can quite often not make sense in the transcript.

One transcription company actually asks you to complete a hearing test at Bay Audio and to submit your results.

3. Proofread and research terms to improve accuracy

If you have time during the audio typing test then I advise you proofread your transcript. Also, research any technical terms you are unsure of. 

I always proofread all my transcripts so they are as accurate as they can be.

This should improve your accuracy. Most transcription companies will expect a very high accuracy level.

4. Spell Check and grammar check

Ensure your document is spell checked. It is so much easier in Word to see your mistakes.

If Word is not highlighting your spelling mistakes then you will need to check the following:

Click on the Review tab in Word and then Language. The box below will appear and you need to check the correct language is chosen and that the do not check spelling or grammar is not ticked.

Spell Check on Word

Spell checks will not, however, be able to tell when you use homophones in the wrong context. 

What is a homophone I hear you say? It’s when two words sound the same but have different spellings. Word will not pick up the following error:

I am unable to here the man

5. Transcription Equipment

When I started off doing audio typing I didn’t use a pedal but I did use transcription software. I chose Express Scribe. It had a free version then but I don’t believe it does now. I now have the professional version.

I have been using Express Scribe for 10 years and I have never had a problem with it.

You can use the keys on the keyboard to control the file. Obviously, this is a lot slower than using a pedal.

Some transcription companies ask what type of transcription equipment you have.

Some even go as far as asking what type of headphones you use. Alternatively, they specify which ones you should use.

I personally can’t see much of a difference between headphones. I have used a pair of iPhone earphones and a pair of transcription headphones and notice no difference.

Check out this post for what equipment is needed for audio typing

Please share your experiences or comment below.

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2018)

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