Pros and Cons of Working From Home

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2018)

Work from HomeWorking from home seems like the answer to every parent’s dream. It can give you the flexibility you need but is it all good and what are the downfalls?

I have worked from home on a part time basis since my child was born in 2007. There have been ups and downs and there are things you need to consider when working from home.

Indeed, it is becoming easier and more attractive because of  modern technology like email, efax, Skype and the internet. Working from home can really be a mixed blessing. While some people will readily jump at it as the best solution, many others may not enjoy the solitude it can bring. If you are contemplating whether you should take the plunge then read on for the pros and cons:

Pros of Working from Home

  • Flexibility: It means you can fit in your work when your children are asleep or at school. I will quite often finish off work of an evening.
  • Precious travelling time is saved: This is also a major consideration as travelling can take a few hour out of your day.
  • Reductions in wardrobe expenses: Working from home means that you can wear casual clothes, although some people do feel that they can only function if they wear a suit!
  • Office rent is saved: There is no need to rent office space as you can do everything from a room in your house.
  • Other expenses including travel expenses can be saved.

Cons of Working From Home

  • It can take a long time to build up a business.
  • Motivation: The absence of pressure, target or competition could create slack and inefficiency. Unless discipline is introduced, it can bring a sharp fall in productivity.
  • Isolation: It could be isolating working from home alone.
  • Distractions: Without serious commitment you may be tempted to mix home tasks with business at times. In other words, leaving your business to attend to other minor issues could lead to inefficiency.
  • If your baby is very young background noise could be an issue.

Work from home with child

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