Should You Use the HoT Keys or a Foot Pedal for Audio Transcription?

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Hot Keys

Offering audio transcription as a service is easy and cheap to do.

When you are starting out and don’t have any money to buy a foot pedal then using the hot keys is an option. It would be advisable in this case to charge your customer a per audio minute rate. This is due to the fact that it will take you longer to transcribe the file than with a foot pedal.

This article investigates the two different ways to charge for audio transcription.

An experienced transcriptionist will tell you that a foot pedal will greatly increase your speed thus increase your earnings.

The foot pedal I would recommend if you are using Express Scribe is the Infinity USB Foot Pedal.
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We understand that the Infinity USB foot pedal is also compatible with:

Auto Wav Player (Dataworxs)
Dataworxs (Auto Wav Player)
DocQscribe (MedQuist)
Dolbey Systems (Fusion Voice)
ECS (PowerPlayer)
Fusion Voice (Dolbey Systems)
FTR (FTR Gold)
FutureNet (iPlayer)
GearPlayer (Transcription Gear)
HTH (Start/Stop)
iPlayer (FutureNet)
Medical Transcription Interactive
MedQuist (DocQscibe)
PC Dart (PlayAll XTRA)
PlayAll XTRA (PC Dart)
Transcription Buddy
Transcription Gear (GearPlayer)
VoiceIQ (BCB)

Plus many others

Express Scribe Transcription Software

Express Scribe is free playback software that allows you to control your audio file.

You can either use the Hot Keys to control the playback or a foot pedal. If audio transcription is a service you only offer occasionally it is possible to use the Hot Keys. It can be time consuming though and can be frustrating when you hit the wrong key.

I have on many occasions hit the F3 (Play Fast Speed) instead of the F4 (Stop) which speeds it up to 150%! I then have to change it back to the speed I want. All this messing around adds on extra time.

As I now do quite a bit of audio transcription I have now invested in a foot pedal. If you’re not convinced check out the stats below:

Using the Infinity USB Foot Pedal with Express Scribe

A foot pedal would obviously increase your speed and thus your productivity. If you charge per audio minute then this can increase your earnings.

If you could increase your typing speed from 50 wpm to 65 wpm and you work a 50 hour week this would save you 11.5 hours per week. If you’re wondering how I did the maths see below:

50 wpm x 60 minutes x 50 hours = 150,000 words per week

To do the same amount of words per week at 65 wpm:

150,000 \ 65 wpm \ 60 minutes = 38.5 hours

50 – 38.5 hrs = 11.5 hrs saved

The infinity USB foot pedal is definitely a good investment and it will have paid for itself in a week or so depending on how much your speed improves.

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