How to Attract More Readers to Your Blog: 13 Tips

If you need to attract more readers to your blog then apply these tips and see your views rise. 

As a beginner blogger you may be writing posts every day and hoping that people will stumble on your blog. Unfortunately, there are so many blogs out there that it is not enough these days just to write posts.

You must be proactive in promoting and analysing your blog to gain readers.

Check out these 13 top tips

1.  Target Audience

To attract more readers you need to think about who your target audience is. Once you have established that you can write to that audience specifically. If you want to find out more about finding your target audience check out this article

2.  Analyse your traffic

Use Google Search Console to find out what keywords your audience are searching on. It will also show whether there are any issues with the website. Google Analytics is another great tool to find out who is reading your blog. You can find out when they are reading it and if they are reading all of it before leaving the site.

3.  Audience Engagement

By inspecting Google Analytics you will be able to find out which topics your readers are enjoying. Then you can create more content in that subject area that should be popular with your readers.

4.  Emotional Topics

Avoid emotional topics if you do not have expertise on that topic or are unwilling to do the research e.g. politics and religion.

5.  Allow Readers Comments

Allow comments on your posts and be responsive to the comments. If people can contribute, they will come back to see the response to their comments. Engagement will attract more readers.

6.  Up to Date Content to Attract More Readers

Ensure content is timely. Nobody enjoys reading blogs that are out of date. Regularly check whether old posts can be rewritten with more up to date information.

7.  Promote your Blog

Use social networking sites to promote your content. A great site for bloggers is Pinterest. You will need to create great pins for this and is a great free tool for this. Other sites to promote your blog are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and any other social networking site you can become a member of.

8.  Search Engine Optimisation

Here is a great beginners guide to SEO Make sure you do proper keyword research to ensure you have the best search engine optimization (SEO) for your blog.

9.  Useful Content

To attract more readers create content that is useful and helps to solve a problem for your reader. Have a think about if you were to read your own blog would it solve a problem for you? Would you come back to find what other information you could use?

Having a blog as a part of your business doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Instead, tell stories about your industry. Include some of your own experiences. Use stories that will encourage them to see how you could be the answer to their problem.

10.  Guest Bloggers

Once your blog gains a good following then you should get offers from other bloggers who wish to write a post for your blog. Ensure that the content is of good quality and is line with your blog audience.

11.  Relevant Sites

For content that you don’t have on your website then link to other useful websites. For instance above I don’t have a simple guide on SEO so I have linked out to which I have used in the past and I find easy to understand.

12.  Lists

Attract more readers list

Create useful sideline items on your blog such as wish lists, recommendation lists, top ten lists, etc. You can always include affiliate links in resources that you recommend in an attempt to earn money from your blog. Readers who enjoy these types of lists will return for your next list in order to try things out.

13.  Long Posts

Aim to write some longer blogs and break them up into smaller posts. Ensure each ends with some sort of “cliffhanger” to entice your readers back for the next installment.

Farewell Thoughts

You may find writing easy but it can be difficult gaining readership. Implementing these tips can attract more readers. To do this you need to be proactive and always promoting your posts. This will eventually build a strong following.

Not set up your blog yet but want to then check out this post.

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