Powerful Workflow Software to Make you More Productive

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2018)

Transcription Workflow SoftwareWhen starting to expand your transcription business you will need to consider transcription workflow software. This will help with one of the biggest challenges you will face. That is keeping track of where each job is up to.

The greater the number of transcriptionists you have on board, the more you will need transcription workflow software.

Using workflow software will mean you are delivering a higher level of accuracy and competency for your clients.

What is Transcription Workflow Software?

If you have a number of transcribers working for you, the traditional way to manage everything has been to use a spreadsheet. This can work for a relatively small business. However, once things start to take off you are going to need a more robust system of monitoring all your activity.

That’s where dedicated transcription workflow software comes in. There are a number of different products on the market nowadays. These products give you a lot of flexibility in how you set up your own system.

Transcription workflow software will help you keep track of where each job is and ensure quality comes to the fore.

The Top Four Transcription Workflow Software Choices

1. Scribe Manager Transcription Workflow Software

Probably one of the most well-known products on the market for transcribing companies at the moment is Scribe Manager. It is typical of what is on offer.

You can bring more automation into your transcribing process such as arranging audio files and checking transcriptions so that stages get ticked off. This reduces human error.

The company suggests that you can cut the amount you spend on admin by as much as 10-20% by using their system.

There is also simple and flexible invoicing as well as a range of online security features to take advantage of.

As with all workflow software nowadays Scribe Manager works through the cloud. Therefore, you can access it by logging in with any device, anywhere in the world.

Find out more about Scribe Manager.

2. Transcriptus

The team at Transcriptus Software boast that you can improve productivity significantly by downloading and using their system.

It also has the benefit of working with a range of major accounting software options which can be useful.

While some other transcription services might be limited, the company spreads its own net a lot wider than most and handles all kinds of businesses.

From the moment the administrator sets up a typist to deal with an audio file the software enables you to keep track of each stage of the transcription process.

Find out more about Transcriptus.

3. LooPro

LooPro Transcription Workflow SoftwareLooPro is a US-based company with a background in medical transcription but who have recently stepped into the world of management software.

Integration is the key here and there is a range of benefits on offer.

You can choose to assign jobs to typists manually or automatically. In addition, you can link your system to accounting packages and monitor which of your transcribers are performing better than others.

The software makers say that the LooPro package is ideal for every kind of business transcription including medical, legal, and corporate.

Find out more about LooPro.

4. Bytescribe

This company produces a wide range of different transcription software and perhaps a more comprehensive provision than many other companies.

WebShuttle, for instance, allows clients to record audio on any device and then pass it onto their transcription firm. Also, DocShuttle provides the real heart of managing workflow.

The company boasts that they provide the complete platform for transcribing companies that want to head to the next level. It is a little more complex than other solutions but their provision certainly doesn’t lack for features.

Find out more about Bytescribe.

Choosing the transcription workflow software that is a good fit for your company is going to be the biggest issue you face.

A lot will obviously come down to personal choice as well as the underlying cost.

There’s no doubt, however, that if you want to go beyond the standard spreadsheet process and manage workflow more effectively, these software choices are vitally important.

Not only do they automate a lot of the mundane administration of your business, they can ensure you stay competitive and grow your reputation for some time to come.

Good luck choosing your transcription workflow software.

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