Should You Use Infographics in your Marketing Plan?

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

Water Flag Infographic

What is an infographic?

As you can see from the example above an infographic is a visual representation of data or information.

Why you should you use Infographics in your Marketing

People want information quickly these days and if you use infographics they can see the information at a glance.

They are becoming more and more popular as a marketing tool. They convey the message very quickly and visually.

Internet users can be impatient. They no longer want to read a long-winded explanation. Internet users will generally scan a site and read just a paragraph or two to see whether they like a site. If they don’t get the information quickly then they will move on to the next site.

Infographics are a way of allowing them to quickly scan and assess whether they want more information or not. A well-designed infographic can make a big difference.

Let’s examine in a bit more detail what infographics are and how are they used.

Infographic facts:

  • Infographics combine text and graphical representation of information that you are trying to convey.
  • A lot of people prefer to learn visually and infographics help this learning experience. It helps to create an image in their brains and draw out the relevant pieces of information easily.
  • Statistics are better shown as infographics. Converting numbers into an infographic format can be highly beneficial to your audience. People love stats and put into an interesting format will keep visitors on your site.
  • While the use of infographics has only become really popular in the past couple of years they are clearly a very powerful tool. More and more people are using them due to how effective they are.
  • Infographics are portable and can be put on another site easily.
  • When using infographics it is important to make them entertaining to your target audience. In addition, they should apply to your audience and give them content they can use.
  • Ideally an infographic should tell a story. They should flow naturally and guide the person through the details easily.
  • An infographic is not haphazard statistics thrown together. It should flow with a theme, a plot and a conclusion.
  • It should contain interesting fonts, colors and pictures to be a powerful effect. It should flow easily from one point to another. Below is examples of infographic elements that can be used.
  • Elements for Infographics

  • Keep the text to a minimum. One to two sentences is enough for a description. It is sometimes more appropriate to have sentence fragments. Your aim to draw attention to your ideas or products mostly through a graphical interface.
  • Ensure you don’t make them too big and too long. This is one of the biggest mistakes as too much graphical information can be overwhelming to the eye and brain.
  • When designing or creating an infographic you need to do a great job or don’t use them at all. If you have a poorly produced graphic it could actually drive your audience away from your site.
  • Make certain your infographic is accurate and based on facts. People will want to use the information and will be passing it on. If it is inaccurate then the readers will no longer trust you or your information.

    In Summary:

    Infographics can be a very powerful tool to drive people to your website. They will enhance your content. The message you are trying to convey will be visually more appealing and interesting. It is important, however, if you are going to use infographics that time and effort is spent on creating quality ones. If you are unable to create infographics yourself then have a professional create them.

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