Using Hot Keys for Express Scribe

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2017)

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is free audio software that allows you to playback an audio file in order to transcribe the file.

If you haven’t got a foot pedal to control the playing back of your audio file then you will need to use the Hot Keys.

To view the Hot Keys that are set up for this free audio program open Express Scribe and click on Options, System-Wide-Hot-Keys.

Ensure that there is a tick in the Enable System-wide Hot-Keys.

Default Settings of Express Scribe

The default settings are:

F2 Play Slow Speed

F3 Play Fast Speed

F4 Stop

F5 Open Express Scribe

F6 Minimize Express Scribe

F7 Rewind

F8 Fast Forward

F9 Play

F10 Play Real Speed

Express Scribe allows you to change the Hot-Keys if you want them set up differently.

If you only do occasional audio transcription and you do not charge by the hour then you could use the Hot Keys. The default settings are easy to use.

Changing the Playback in Express Scribe

It is obviously much faster to use a foot pedal than to use the Hot-Keys. With a foot pedal you can set up Express Scribe to rewind the file when you stop the tape. Click on Options > Playback > set the Auto Backstep on Stop (ms) to your preferred setting e.g. 1000 (ms) for one second.

Express Scribe Playback


To increase your earnings and work faster then a foot pedal is a good investment.

Click for Recommended Foot Pedals to work with Express Scribe.

Happy transcribing!


Resource: Express Scribe can be downloaded from NCH software.

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