Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon – My Story

Having sold on Amazon since October 2013 I know it’s possible to make money.

I had been reading about selling books on Amazon and how it was possible to earn money from second hand books. I saw an advert for a local person selling 100 children’s books for £20. I thought I had hit the jackpot! I collected the books and when I went through the books half of them had writing in or were not suitable for sale. There was one Dr Seuss book that was going for around £14 on Amazon so I was hopeful I would get my money back.

The lesson I learnt from this was that children’s books weren’t the best sellers on Amazon. In addition, it was important to check the quality of the books before buying.

I sent in my first box that contained a number of the children’s books and items I had sourced via retail arbitrage. These were mostly new toys. As it was October time the toys sold quickly. The books took longer to sell.

What is Retail Arbitrage?

Retail Arbitrage is either seeking out new items in stores or online that are on clearance or reduced. You then check on Amazon using the seller scanning app to see if they are selling at a higher price. The app should tell you the approximate profit after Amazon fees.

What is Fulfilled by Amazon?

The items were Fulfilled by Amazon. What this means is that Amazon package and send the item to the customer. All the customer service is done by Amazon so if there are any issues Amazon deal with them. This shields you from any hassle.

Unfortunately, Amazon have changed their long-term storage fees. Any item that hasn’t sold within 6 months is potentially subject to long term storage costs. In my case it wasn’t worth keeping the items in the warehouse and I had to pay for them to be returned.

What is Merchant Fulfilled?

The items I had returned to me I have now listed as Merchant Fulfilled. This basically means that I have to store the items, package and send them and deal with any customer enquiries. Since I have done this a hand full of items have sold but I believe people prefer to buy Fulfilled by Amazon as they receive the goods quicker.

Mistakes I made with my Amazon Seller Account

I set up my Amazon account and didn’t realise that it set you up with a professional account from the start. This involves a monthly fee and really isn’t viable unless you are selling around 36 items per month. When I noticed this and contacted Amazon they were good enough to refund me.

You need to change it immediately to a normal account. You will then be charged a fee per item sold.

I currently sell books, games, some jigsaws (usually sealed) and some retail arbitrage.

Look out for more articles on what types of books and games sell.