Website Design

Website Design

Website Design is another service you can offer to businesses if you have the necessary skills. There is always a demand for a good website designer/developer. So many businesses now rely on an online presence. The growing demand is unlikely to fall so if you have the following skills then this a service you could offer.

What skills do you require to offer website design as a service?

Good design skills

A good eye for detail and understanding how to navigate through a website. You should know what colours work well together and what colours to avoid. Also, the use of white space on the page is important so it is easily read.

There are so many templates available now for websites that it has become so much easier.

Basic HTML and CSS

HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used on websites to style and position the information on a website page. The basics are fairly easy to learn but some of the more advanced language can be difficult.

With the amount of templates available it is possible to use a good template and not have to use any HTML or CSS.

WordPress sites are now extremely popular and according to 29% of all websites are WordPress sites. WordPress is a great content management system that I use for my website Help on Tap and have used for clients such as Once Upon a Time. It is extremely easy to update.

There are also a huge number of WordPress templates available either free or to purchase. There is so much choice and we will be looking at this in further depth in future articles.

There are also many plugins that you can add onto a WordPress site for additional functionality. There are also plugins that can help you to layout the site so you don’t need to learn any coding behind it.

Good project management skills

Be able to manage your time well. It can be quite time consuming creating a new website. It is important that you set out a plan for certain deadlines, when information is required by etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is the understanding of how people will search to find the information on a website. Terms that people use to search are placed in key places such as in headings and within the copy. It is extremely important that a website is placed as high as possible in the search results for more visitors and potentially clients. It is important when adding the pages to a website that they are optimised for search engines.

This is a very basic overview of what is required. Further articles will investigate what other skills are required.