Call Answering

Call Answering

Why offer telephone answering services?

There is definitely a demand for telephone answering services. This is obvious from the amount of businesses that are offering this service. I was asked on many occasions if I provided the service but because I had a young child it was impracticable to do it.

To be honest, I actually thought that it would be too expensive to have a small business telephone system installed but this isn’t the case.

If you are in a position to offer these services and want to, then there are companies out there that are offering virtual phone systems. This means that you don’t have to fork out for expensive hardware.

It can therefore be a good service to offer when you are first starting out.

What costs are involved with setting up a virtual phone system?

Each virtual phone company will charge differently. Most do not charge an activation fee and charge a monthly fee. You will need to check out the call handling charges for each phone company.

As your business grows you can upgrade your plan to a more suitable one.

Look out for further articles on how to provide this service.